DHA Nursing License Application Process

I have been working as a Nurse in Dubai for 6 months now, and after more than a year of hiatus from this profession, I am fairly doing well based on the fact that, well, I still have my job. Anyhow, this post I make for those asking how I went through the whole application process; it wasn’t an easy feat especially to an impatient person like me. I believe that you can take this exam anywhere as long as a prometric testing center is available.

First things first, you need to know what you need. Unlike few years back, the application now is a breeze with it being online, queues won’t be an issue. You can find the requirements here. Below are the documents that should be CLEARLY scanned.

    • Copy of school certificate. (Certificate of Graduation)
    • Evidence of successful completion of an approved nursing and/or midwifery educational program. (Diploma)
    • Nursing transcript – a full transcript clearly stating the breakdown of theoretical and clinical hours per subject of the nursing program. Note: Mark sheets are not acceptable (Transcript of Records)
    • Official certificate of experience signed by an authorized person from Human Resources, Nursing or from a Medical Director. (Summary of RLE Certification)
    • No experience required for new graduates. Employment is permitted only in hospitals, day surgical centre and polyclinics under the direct supervision of a licensed Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife. (This is only applicable for UAE graduates)
    • Valid practice license in country of graduation and/or country of last employment (License and Board Certificate)
    • Valid Good Standing certificate from previous licensing authorities testifying to good conduct and not charged with a criminal act (if the licensing authority does not issue good standing certificates then a letter of good standing from previous employer.) (Certificate of Employment and No Objection Letters)
    • Passport copy.
    • One (1) colour passport size photo.

Scan all these procured documents and place it in folders, my suggestion, compile it accordingly: School Records, Nursing Records, Employment Records, Passport Copy and Passport Size Photo. Name the files according to what they are so as not to get confused when uploading.

Once these are ready, you’ll need to create an account here : http://eservices.dha.gov.ae/DHAWeb/Account/UserRegistration.aspx

Select the Health Regulation Service menu where you will find the the option “New Professional License.” This will pop up a separate window which will walk you through your application, each step requires documents to be uploaded and clearly instructed.

Once you finish, it will prompt you to a menu where you need to provide details of payment. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted as online transactions are done. The Credentialing Process costs 210 AED.

Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 8.29.48 AM

Then you will receive an email regarding your application process, which you can also access on your Sheryan (DHA Account) from the inbox menu.

Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 8.33.35 AM

This will be the status of your application

The credentialing process will take up to six weeks, as for me, I got a response in less than 5 days, I think. An email will then be received telling you to undergo a payment process in which a third party will be verifying your documents, called PSV. It costs 700 AED, the link in your email will walk you through the payment process. This PSV (Primary Source Verification) will verify the credentials submitted by an applicant from its origin . The results will take 30 to 60 days and is received via email. You can also follow up on your status through their website. Just follow the instructions clearly given. Make sure to update your email from time to time.

Screen shot 2012-07-07 at 8.28.58 AM

While waiting for the results you can proceed on scheduling your exam. Go to http://www.prometric.com/default.htm to set your schedule, an Eligibility ID is needed for scheduling, it is sent to your email after the initial application process. The payment for this exam is 170 USD and is done online as well.

In the website you will find locations and time slots which you can select according to your convenience. Once you have an appointment, study and review. FAQ’s about the exam are found here.

I went to the testing center in Knowledge Village, my exam time was around 11 am and I went there 1 hour before, which was a good thing. I read they needed proof of identification, I had with me then my Emirates ID. It wasn’t enough though because they needed valid identification issued from your home country (passport). So yes, I had to go back and take mine, lucky for me the proctor gave me time to retrieve it.

The exam was computer based, a 70-item multiple choice assessment that should be finished in 2 hours. I finished mine in 20 minutes, trusting [leaving it with] my first instincts. The questions were situational, as far as I remember, there were drug computations, pharma, med-surg, and maternal and child. It had a broad scope of topics.

In more or less than a week, I received the result. I passed the exam. An eligibility letter is sent which is attached to CVs and application letters for job hunting. This eligibility letter is only given if you pass the PSV and the exam, and it is issued by the DHA. The letter is only valid for 1 year, should you not find a sponsor after that, you’ll have to take the exam again.


The license itself is acquired when you have a sponsor/employer (i.e. hospital, clinic). Those institutions are responsible for processing your nursing license. Your Sheyran (DHA Account) is still active, you will always find updates and check your status there as a healthcare professional.

I am really not good in giving instructions, so here is a video of the whole process. Good Luck!


53 thoughts on “DHA Nursing License Application Process

  1. Hi. How long does it take (months or weeks) from applying in the website until the time you are scheduled to take the test? I am currently in Saudi Arabia and I am planning to take DHA when i arrive in Dubai. Just so i know when is the right time to apply for DHA exam. Thanks!!

    • hello… scheduling the test is your discretion.. if you have the reference number after completing your application, you can schedule your tests. i finished mine in a span of 2 weeks, from application to taking the test.

      • Hey I’m a fresh graduate from Bahrain and already did my prometric exam. I want to come to dubai and work there. So do I have to follow the same steps u mentioned and then search for a job or what can I do!? Thanks so much

  2. And, the eligibility letter will only be received if the PSV is done and you passed the exam right? So it takes a month or so?

    • yes.. after the exam, you’ll receive the result in 3-5 working days at least.. for the psv result, im not quite sure. the eligibility letter will come if you passed everything, so there’s no specific time. it depends on your psv results.

  3. Last thing, what’s the passing score out of 70? And can you tell me the level of the difficulty that you had on your exam? πŸ˜‰ thank you so much

  4. Thank you so much! I am planning to apply for a tourist visa there by january next year. So i was thinking if the time is enough since i’m just allowed to stay there for a month. Well, unless i can get a job immediately. =)

  5. Hi again. Are the required documents needed to be authenticated in DFA Phils (Red ribbon) before passing it? DO they also need oridingal copies after scanning? Thanks

  6. hi ms. cynglaze ask ko lang po matagal po ba tlga ung process after ng first payment ko po na 210aed. 1 week na po kasi since I paid at nkalagay po dun “being reviewed by the regulation staff” do you have idea how long it will take? thank you. godbless.

    • hello rhen, i got my email in 5 days to 1 week more or less after my payment of 210, you will receive an email regarding the application for psv. It says there that the reviewing process takes up to six weeks, so maybe you should wait. Thanks for viewing my blog.

      • ms.cynglaze thank you for replying. it’s been 2 weeks since I paid 210aed and until now nakalagay dun “regulation staff being reviewed”. my friends also takes 5days only after paying 210aed. ako lang ata nagtagal ng gnito, depende rin cguro sa school kase diba po tatawagan din nila un? and everyday naman po ako nagchecheck ng status ko if may pending task ako. pero wala pa tlga. napapaisip lang po ako why it takes time sa application ko than the others. ask ko lang po pwede na ba ako mag exam if reference number pa lang meron ako? san ko po ba makukuha ung eligilibility number? sorry for disturbing you. thank you so much. you help a lot. thanks again godbless πŸ™‚

  7. thank you ms.cynglaze πŸ™‚ wala pa rin po ako ganyan email from them. still I need to wait. thank you again and godbless πŸ™‚

  8. Good day, Ms. Cynglaze! Tanong ko lang po kung nakalagay sa DHA account mo yung schedule ng prometric exam after makapagset ka na ng appointment? My prometric exam schedule is not shown in my DHA account that’s why I’m worried if I did something wrong. And one last thing, I would like to ask you how does your PSV report look like when you passed PSV? kapag po ba may certification of verification, ibig sabihin ok na? thank you so much and sorry for too many questions. =)

  9. hello cynglaze…hw r u??am currently working in ksa..and am planning to do dha exam in a span of two months later.i have a doubt..is there a dha test center in saudi arabia..??could u pls reply me asap….

  10. Miss cyglaze, ask lang po ako. Na confuse lang kasi ako about sa eligibility number.

    Ano ginawa mo po nung nag padala na ng eligibility number yung DHA sayo?

    Its been more than a week since i got my eligibility number nung mag papa-sched na sana ako ng exam ko sa Prometric, “number not recognized” daw.

    Tama po kaya itong ginawa ko… Ang ginawa ko po kasi nung na receive ko yung eligibility number ko from DHA, i copied and saved it then i clicked submit. Or dapat po ba, nag pa sched muna ako sa Prometric then saka ko sinubmit yun?

    Pasencya na, na confuse lang talaga ako. Hoping for you reply. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  11. hi po.
    just wanna ask kung rejected ba ko if i try to aplly online sa dha exam even though 1yr and 3mos lng experience ko sa pinas?., kakarating q lng sa dubai last aug.23. im planning to take the exam kc. help me nmn po. i dont know what to do. slamat po 😦

    • For that, I am not sure. There was nothing written that experience was needed to take the exam. Although kung maghahanap ka na ng work, employers are for sure gonna look for it. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi. Medyo nagkaproblema Ako ng pag process. My application was duplicated in the pending task thus I was obliged to pay 410 AED instead of 210 in both of the payment task. I’m having difficulty deleting the old application which I left hanging when I was on the payment process thus dalawa tuloy ang Nagawa ko. Pls advise me on how to go about deleting or cancelling the other application… Thank u so much.

  13. Hi ms Cynglaze.. ask lang po ako.. I aready submitted my application for exam online and paid 210 AED.. after that I recieved a message that I should provide the good standing certificate.. But I already attached it to the additional documents and Im confused.. where exactly should I attached the good standing certificate?.. please reply.. thank you

  14. Hi I need ur help I’m currently a nurse in England and looking to move to Dubai in a couple of weeks and was thinking weather it’s a good idea to apply for my nursing licence now?? Also how do I go about getting an official certificate on my experience do I just ask my matron? And also a good standard certificates? Thanks x

    • Hi, I’m sorry but I have no idea how your hospital works, but surely, if you’re employed, you could get all the documents you need, they should provide it. And yes, its a good idea to apply now, as not to waste your time here in Dubai waiting for results.

  15. Hie thank you for all the comments very helpful indeed, are there any testing enters in South Africa and after passing the test how do l get the sponsors to apply for the license.

  16. hi! mmm,just want to ask, nkarecv npo ko ng letter from dha na submitted na ung application ko and being verified ndw e kaso dpa po ako ngbbyad ng 210..should i pay npo kya?ty

  17. ask ko lang po, i already have my dha eligibility letter and data flow report, pg 1 yr na at hnd p ko nkakahnap ng employer means i have to re-sit the exam right? but how about the data flow report? is there any validity? or expiry? pls reply thanks

  18. hi cynglaze! may 1yr&5months akong gap sa work, nagtry ako magapply online. pero pending parin ung approval ko kase they are asking for an updated exp and good standing. hindi ba pedeng may gap pag nagapply for dha? may gap ka din ba bago ka nagapply.. pano ginawa mo? need help lang po.. thanks alot

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